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Knowledge is power. Health is wealth. Younger for life is your source for both.

The team at Younger For Life is dedicated to being the source of renewed health and wellness for those who seek guidance along their journey to a healthy life.

Younger For Life is a community founded upon having your best interests at heart by empowering the patient to become the healer, utilizing food as medicine in that which is biologically available.

As a society, we all share a story regarding the struggle for optimal health which can easily seem unattainable when solutions are prescribed but have little impact on your overall condition. We aim to change this narrative to a positive one through enlightenment which demystifies and provides clarity on curated supplements and information that offer aid to the self-healing process.

Now in store

Make your bones Stronger for Longer

A Break-Through Calcium Rich Mineral Complex

  • Developed by nature and refined by man
  • Paired with vitamin D3, soy isoflavones and probiotics
  • A calcium rich mineral complex using a patented extraction process from milk
  • Demonstrates near 100% absorption
  • No reported side effects in any of the clinical trials
  • Alleviated symptoms associated with Osteoporosis in over 85% of participants in a clinical study.
Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

Our Beliefs

When all you have been prescribed does not help, you are left to find the answers yourself. This is part of our story. The founders of Younger For Life turned to natural remedies to find solutions to problems that worked for us and could possibly work for you too. We believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance. We aren’t trying to change lives, we’re just trying to help you live healthier for longer with access to trustworthy natural supplements, professional insight, and a holistic approach that you can trust. By demystifying the plethora of available supplements within the market you are able to make informed decisions regarding the options available to you, which we can vouch for through lived experience, expert medical advice, and evidence-based clinical trials.


Taking back your autonomy regarding your health.


Providing trustworthy information through lived experience & expert medical advice.


Giving you the tools for naturally good health.

Positive Impact

Being the driving force behind a healthier and empowered world population that makes use of natural supplements to live a healthy life for longer.

Insights and further reading
Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

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